Why you should start AirFX at Zaif

You can begin
with one coin

You can do a great amount of trading even with a small amount by using leverage. Go ahead, try it out with a portion of your trading funds.

Low Risk

In AirFX, the more margin for all users It is not possible to generate a loss.

High Returns

With AirFX, it is possible to set leverage at 4 times the maximum standard for the industry, allowing users to undertake investment with high capital efficiency.

Terms of Use

  • Completion of identity verification
  • The account balance that can be secured as margin.
  • Please read Terms of Use for AirFX, and understand risks and agree to the terms of Use.

No processing fees for trading!

  • Fee
  • account maintenance fee
  • QuickCash Fees
  • loss cut commission
  • account opening fee
  • all


* However, there is a daily fee of 0.039% and a maximum swap fee of 0.375% depending on deviation on the actual item’s position.


A.Foreign exchange margin trading involves turning a profit by exchanging currency like Japanese yen or U.S. dollars.

1 BTC = buy for 350,000 yen

News of the bitcoin price hike

Sell at 1 BTC = 400,000 yen
(Happy )

FX is short for “foreign exchange.”
The crypto currency is not a legal currency such as the yen and the dollar, but as if it is possible to carry out the transaction as foreign exchange, we use the word familiar FX.

The price of a crypto currency fluctuates depending on the adoption of new rules and the appearance of new technology.
Sometimes 1 BTC can be traded for ¥400,000, and sometimes it can be traded for ¥350,000. If 1 BTC bought for ¥350,000 is converted back to Japanese yen when the BTC price is raised to ¥400,000, you’ll make ¥50,000 more.
We call FX the investment that increases money by the difference in exchange of these virtual currencies for the legal currency.

A.A margin is the initial money used for security in a leverage trade.

It is the amount of money required to facilitate order amounts and leverage, and fluctuates depending on the status of market trades.The margin is collected at the time of the order.If the remaining balance for Japanese yen is insufficient, the system automatically collects held cryptocurrency (BTC, XEM, MONA, etc.) dependent on the rate for the margin.

Desired trading amount 100,000 yen x quantity 2 btc x margin rate 25% = Required margin amount 50,000 yen
Reverage x4

A.Offsetting is the closing method of simply recording the result of a transaction without actually performing an exchange of currency.

With AirFX at Zaif, currency is not actually transferred.

Only numbers on record are exchanged, such as “1 BTC was bought when 1 BTC = ¥500,000” or “1 BTC was sold when 1 BTC = ¥550,000.” Closing using with transfer of the difference in amount between selling and buying without the exchange of actual currency is called “offsetting.” As it is merely an exchange of numbers, it is possible to facilitate trades such as the selling and buyback of cryptocurrency that you don’t actually have on hand with AirFX.
In other words, you can sell high and buy back low, in addition to buying low and selling high, with the difference in amount becoming profit. That way, there are opportunities to trade even when there’s a steep rise or heavy drop in cryptocurrency price.

A.Aside from the money deposited as a margin, there are no other losses.

We avoid losses in AirFX at Zaif through forcible settlements against the positions of customers who are gaining a profit when you incur losses that are greater than the margin due to sudden fluctuations in market price
Despite the possibility of a forced settlement regardless of profit generated, there is a mechanism to assist customers even when they are subject to a loss. This mechanism makes it unnecessary for customers to pay more than what they had deposited (known as additional cover).
However, this mechanism has been adopted for AirFX only. Please note that there is a possibility that you may end up in the negative due with other leverage trading, such as credit trading, after closing a trade on AirFX.

A.Loss-cut is a forced settlement in the event that a loss has become too great.

In AirFX, a loss-cut is applied if the margin rate falls below 30% to prevent a loss from expanding. When such a loss occurs, there is a forced settlement of the held position.
The risks associated with a loss-cut naturally increase with severe price fluctuations, especially when trading with high leverage. Especially in circumstances when the spread is large or when the market price is fluctuating wildly, there is a likelihood of becoming subject to immediate loss-cutting and bearing unexpected losses, so please bear this fully in mind when trading.
In addition, the loss-cutting margin rate is calculated in consideration of the ordering conditions on the board, instead of being decided on the final trading price.

A.Swap points are the adjusted deviation amount between spot trades and AirFX.

As AirFX does not execute spot trading, there is the possibility for a deviation in price between Bitcoin traded with spots within Zaif.
In order to reduce deviation as much as possible, fees are generated at fixed time intervals each day among users’ positions. These fees are called “swap points.”

Swap points are paid in terms of positions attempting to expand a deviation against positions trying to reduce a deviation.
The swap point is designed to be higher the larger the deviation gets, but will not appear if there is no deviation.

A.There is generally no processing fee for trading. However, there is a daily fee and the fees for swap points.

  • Trading Fee
    (BTC/JPY) maker Fee: 0% taker Fee: 0%
  • Daily fee
    0.039% of the open contract amount per day.
    *Daily Fee = price rate at the point of fee charge × total order amount × fee rate
  • Swap points
    A swap point occurs when the price of AirFX diverges from the cash price. Maximum ± 0.375%

Way to start trading

  • 1.Complete identity verification (both phone number approval and identification documents), then log in
  • 2.Deposit the Japanese yen required for the margin.
  • 3.Please select the AirFX from the cryptocurrency button. Please read through "About Bitcoin AirFX" very carefully, and submit the form once you agree to the content.
  • 1.Select the order type
  • 2.Enter the price of the open position.
  • 3.Enter the required transaction quantity.
  • 4.Specify leverage.
  • 5.Enter your desired reverse trade closing price in the Limit field.
  • The figure you enter is your choice, but for reverse trades, you will be required to designate a limit.
  • 6.Set a stop-loss or your choice.
  • 7.Click the Buy Order (or Sell Order) button to confirm the order.
  • 1.Once your order is confirmed, it will be displayed on your "Board," "Active Trades," and "Not Yet Completed Orders."
  • 2.Confirm the details of a specific order by going to Active Orders→Details.
  • 3.The details screen will show information such as Order Price/Quantity, Average Sell Position, Limit Buys, Paper Profit and Loss, and Margin Rate.Press "Cancel Execution" "changes in order prices and limits" to change or cancel the order.
  • 4.To close a trade, enter the limit or stop price of your choice as the closing price, and click the "Update" button.*If you have not yet completed a Buy or Sell order, you can change the trading price from the "Order Price" tab on this screen.
  • 5.Once you place an order, the contract to buy or sell will be displayed in your Trade History.You cannot cancel or change these transactions because you have already committed them.

I will explain how to read the transaction screen and order change screen.

At the top left is the expected swap point. A swap point is paid every two hours for a position that tries to correct a divergence from a position that tries to increase the divergence to the cash price. Positive numbers are given, and negative numbers are collected.

  • 01.Ordered This is the day you started the margin trading order. Fees will be incurred from this date and time.
  • 02.Deposit This is your deposit of margin for making AirFX trades. This deposit will be restricted until you withdraw it or close it out.
  • 03.Leverage By depositing funds as margin, you can trade several times the amount of margin.
  • 04.fee per day Daily fees are charged once per day.
  • 05.Accrued fees The total fees incurred to date.
  • 06.Swap points Swap fees administered on AirFX
  • 07.Action / Pair The trade category and securities trade names.
  • 08.Price & Amount The price and quantity of an order.
  • 09.Limit price This is the reverse trade price. We designate a price and execute a reverse trade to execute the closing.
  • 10.Stop price If the market price reaches the spot price, the trade can be closed with a market order, automatically loss-cutting the position.
  • 11.Position average price The average price and total quantity of all positions established through AirFX trades.
  • 12.Closed The average price and the total quantity established in the reverse trading order.
  • 13.Profit and Loss It is the amount of profit or loss with reference to the current price from the open position. The loan fee has already been deducted.
  • 14.Profit and loss for deposits It is the profit and loss situation of the deposits. Deposits per currency unit vary depending on how the currency's trading situation changes in accordance with the volume of orders and leverage.
  • 15.Margin rate Margin rate with ± 0 profit and loss of 100%. If it falls below 30%, it will be subject to loss-cutting.

How to use the Limit Price function

Limit Price is a mechanism that executes a reverse trade on Bitcoin that you have bought or sold at a time when the designated amount of money is exceeded or falls short. In other words, the mechanism makes it possible to secure generated profit at a fixed interval when the market moves in the way that you anticipated.


1.Purchase 1 BTC at ¥15,000 (with limit set to ¥0.55 million).

2.If BTC reaches ¥0.55 million, sell the 1 BTC

3.The deal is confirmed, securing a profit of ¥50,000 in total.

However, it is possible to incur an opportunity loss in the event that the market experiences further growth.

How to use the Stop Price function

Loss-cuts are an essential risk management tool for minimizing your losses each time you trade.

A loss-cut is an action that closes a position and closes its losses to prevent further losses when the market price continues to shift unfavorably.

Setting a stop-loss enables you to close an order without limit when the security reaches a price designated by the market value to automatically cut losses on a held position.

(Notes regarding trading)

  • There may be a processing fee for some trades. To confirm details on processing fees, please visit the website on fees: (Japanese).
  • Spreads appear in trading. A spread is the gap between the selling price (ask) and the buying price (bid). The price range may expand or contract depending on rate fluctuations.
  • As leverage usability is determined while observing fluidity in the market, there may be times where you are unable to use high leverage ratios such as 4 times.
  • AirFX expiration dates are not established in advance.
  • The settlement method for AirFX trades is offsetting, in which only the difference between the price at the time of purchasing (or selling) and the price at the time of closing is received or delivered. When AirFX trade orders are closed, the total of the gain/loss and the fees are subtracted from your deposit at the same time that returns are paid. However, if there are any swap fees, they will be collected separately.
  • It is necessary to deposit a margin for leverage trading, including AirFX. You can check information on required margin amounts, calculation methods, margin rates, and other details concerning margins at this link.
  • Although you can undertake trades for large amounts of money using a small amount of capital in margin trading, there is a possibility you may lose a large amount or all of the margin in a short period of time due to rapid changes in the price of cryptocurrency, etc.

(Risks related to cryptocurrency)

  • Cryptocurrency is not legal tender with a value guaranteed by countries such as with Japanese yen or U.S. dollars; it is electronic data that is exchanged on the internet.
  • Cryptocurrency is susceptible to price fluctuations. There is the possibility of loss due to a sudden drop in cryptocurrency price or unexpected devaluation.
  • In Japan, it is necessary to register the operation of a cryptocurrency exchange with the Financial Services Agency and other finance bureaus. When using a cryptocurrency exchange, please confirm whether the operating company has been registered with the government.
  • When trading cryptocurrency, please read through the explanations provided by the operating company to ensure that you fully understand the trade content, and use your best judgement.
  • Consultations related to virtual currencies and fraudulent coins are on the rise. Please be wary of fraud or malicious sales methods using virtual currency or piggybacking on the introduction of virtual currency exchange operators.