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It is required to complete identity verification after opening your account in Zaif.

We recognize that this auction participants agreed to 「Auction Terms of Use」

Auction schedule

Start date:June 26, 2018, 6:00 PM(18:00)
End date:July 10, 2018, 6:00 PM(18:00)

starting bid price

The lowest bidding price is from 9000 franc (CHF) worth.

bidding method

1.The lowest bidding price will be 9000CHF worth of cryptocurrency (about 1 million JPY worth).
2.Please bid with your desired amount by the last bidding date and time (scheduled only one time on July 10, 2018). It is possible to change the price or cancel by the bidding due.
3.On the last bidding date and time (scheduled only one time on July 10, 2018), 101 highest bidders will be executed market order. It won‘t be a successful bid if it is under 9000CHF even in 101 highest bidders.
* COMSA models are purchased separately in each board. The 50 highest bids in CMS: ETH and the 51 highest bids in CMS:XEM will give the ownership of its watch.
4.If these orders are neither within the 101 highest biddings nor less than the least bid amount, then they will be cancelled.
5.The last trade time on July 10, 2018 is not open to the public.

Auction Terms of Use
Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act  

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