Specified Commercial Transactions Act

Company Name Fisco Cryptocurrency Exchange Inc.
Operating Director Ryuji Yagi
Address ZIPCODE:596-0004
2-18-15, Araki-cho, Kishiwada-shi, Osaka
Inquiry Telephone Number 050-5213-4651
*For all telephone inquiries regarding our Exchange Service, please contact our Support Center.
Inquiry E-mail Address zaifhelp@zaif.jp
Sales Price When using the Instant Exchange, the sale price of the cryptocurrency will be the monetary value displayed when submitting your purchase.For all other transactions that are not conducted on the Instant Exchange, a fixed transaction fee will be applied to the cryptocurrency price.(For more details regarding transaction fees, please refer to our "Fee" page.)
The Term and Method of Payment In case of Instant Exchange, the amount of price would be settled when you purchase immediately.In all other cases, the transaction price and transaction fee will be settled when the transaction is completed.The payment methods are bank transfer, credit card or withdrawal from your Zaif account.
Term for Delivery of Product When using the Instant Exchange, cryptocurrencies purchased will be added to your account within two weeks after your purchase.
Matters Concerning The Withdrawal or Cancellation of a Contract of Sale Due to the nature of cryptocurrencies, we cannot accept returns or refunds. Customers can sell their cryptocurrency via the "Exchange" or "Instant Exchange".
Amounts Purchaser Must Pay In Addition to Price of Products and Services In the case our company sends cash or cryptocurrency to a customer's account or address, we will require a transaction fee. (For more details regarding transaction fees, please refer to our "Fee" page.)
Special Contract Conditions For more information on if there are restrictions on the amounts of products or services, or on payment methods such as cryptocurrency, cash, or credit cards, please refer to the instructions page that our company provides for each service.