Zaif Payment

Zaif Payment is a free Bitcoin & MONACOIN payment service

Zaif Payment is a free Bitcoin & MONACOIN payment service


Zaif payment service flow
Pay with Bitcoin Zaif contribution  Pay with MONACOIN Zaif contribution
The payment screen will be appeared
  • You will be able to pay with Bitcoin and MONACOIN.

    When the Zaif payment service is implemented, consumers can be charged with Bitcoin and MONACOIN. Before implementation, please check the Zaif Payment franchise Terms of Service.

  • It can be introduced using an API.

    Zaif payment can be implemented by incorporating the payment API provided by Zaif into your own e-commerce site, etc. For detailed API usage, please check the payment API.

  • Low risk, low cost

    There is no burden of currency exchange risk due to Bitcoin or MONACOIN price fluctuations, and there is no risk of post-payment cancellation, such as charge-backs, so it is easier to use than your existing credit card payment system, etc. There is no payment fee, and the specified amount will be credited as is in JPY after 2 business days.

  • It also has its own sales tools that make use of the features of Monacoin.


Zaif Payment registration

We accept registration for Zaif Payment from the following. We apologize for the inconvenience, but usage will be made available sequentially, so please complete the registration process.

*If already registered for Zaif, please register using the same email address.