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Zaif Coin Reserve

Zaif Coin Reserve

Looking for ways to increase bit coins with low risk




Zaif Coin Reserve is one of the investment type of using 'Dollar Cost Averaging' which continues to purchase a fixed amount.
Since this is a method to continue to buy a fixed amount no matter even if the market price rises or goes down. When the price goes up, you can buy a small amount by avoiding high price grip. And buy more amount cheaply when the price goes down. Although these ideas leads to the meaning of the low risk, it can be said that this service's greatest advantage is that it is possible to wait for the right timing to determine the profit by accumulating it on a continuous long-term basis.




Around every 8th to 10th of the monthApplication for accumulation for the next month and deadline for setting change of accumulated amount
on 27th of each monthAutomatic deduction on the following month's from your bank account
between 10th of following month to 9th of after the following monthEach day, an automatic purchase is performed due to the deducted amount on above, and on the next day, it is transferred to you account.
  • Minimum of 1,000 JPY every month, under the unit per 1,000 JPY, and maximum of 1,000,000 JPY can be set

We set a reserve fee (fee regarding to the reserve and purchase) according to the monthly reserve amount.
The add up of the reserve amount and the reserve fee will be automatically deducted from your bank account.

Monthly Reserve Amount and Fee

Reserve amountFee
1,000 yen ~ 2,000 yenUniformly 100 yen
3,000 yen ~ 9,000 yen3.5%
10,000 yen ~ 29,000 yen2.5%
30,000 yen ~ 49,000 yen 2.0%
Over 50,000 yen1.5%

No bank seal is required! Complete the whole process through On-line!

All application or registration (including the automatic deduction from the bank account) can be done through internet!
No need to take out a pen to fill in a form or an envelope to mail! Additionally, deduction amount can be changed freely any time.

Required procedure