Notes on using virtual currency

About Crypt Currency Exchange

As stipulated in Article 2, paragraph 8 of the Payment Services Act, virtual currency exchange operators are obliged to strictly manage their accounting and security and to strictly segregate and manage customer assets, and are obliged to provide their customers with the highest levels of protection.

The following notes are posted on the website of the Financial Services Agency.

You can see the registrar list from the following

Virtual currency exchange operator registration

・This serves only to confirm that the virtual currencies handled by the virtual currency exchange operators included in this list correspond to the definition under the Payment Services Act, based on the description by the relevant virtual currency exchange operator.

・The FSA and Finance Bureaus do not recommend or guarantee the value of these virtual currencies. Virtual currencies are not necessarily backed up by assets.

・When trading in virtual currency, please pay attention to the following points.

≪Notes on using virtual currency≫

○ Cryptocurrency is not legal tender with a value guaranteed by countries such as with Japanese yen or U.S. dollars; it is electronic data that is exchanged on the internet.

○ Cryptocurrency is susceptible to price fluctuations. There is the possibility of loss due to a sudden drop in cryptocurrency price or unexpected devaluation.

○ A virtual currency exchange operator must register with the Financial Services Agency and Finance Bureau. Please check if an operator is a registered business before using.

○ When trading cryptocurrency, please read through the explanations provided by the operating company to ensure that you fully understand the trade content, and use your best judgement.

○ Consultations related to virtual currencies and fraudulent coins are on the rise. Please be wary of fraud or malicious sales methods using virtual currency or piggybacking on the introduction of virtual currency exchange operators.